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Frequently Asked Questions About Health Care Degrees
Find answers to questions such as "I'm a registered nurse. Can I apply that toward a bachelor's degree in nursing?"

Get Your Degree in Health Care Online
Health care is one of the nation's fastest-growing industries and opportunities abound for a variety of health-related careers. As opportunities increase, so does the demand for degree programs, and much of this demand is being met online.

Guide to Online Allied Health Care Education
While you still can't get a legitimate M.D. online, you can study over the Internet for numerous other degrees and certificates in the allied health fields. Modern medicine and fitness are supported by vast amounts of technology, administration, and professional assistantship, all of which are in high demand and easily studied online. Why not become part of this growing field with a low-cost education you can undertake from anywhere? Re-Launches, a division of Monster Worldwide, has re-launched to assist students and working adults seeking to enhance their lives through higher education. With the addition of online and distance learning locations for many colleges and universities, it is now easier than ever to “learn anywhere, anytime”.

Myths about Online Degree Programs
Do you want to earn a college degree but feel like there is no way you could possibly fit another task into your busy schedule? Online degree programs make it possible for you to earn an industry-current degree without having to sacrifice your current commitments.

Experienced Workers Find Internships to Diversify Skills During a Layoff and Enhance Their Careers
Out of gainful employment, out of job offers and running out of savings, Scott Stevens of Portland, Oregon, has turned to a familiar strategy to gain experience and keep his skills fresh: The internship.