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Aggressive customer threw faeces and threatened to stab terrified bank staff

A bank customer who was "struggling financially and mentally" due to lockdown has avoided jail following a disgusting attack on a Birmingham bank.

Daniel Khoo, 35, threw excrement and urine at the the Coventry Building Society's front door on a number of occasions, causing severe stress and anxiety for the branch's staff, Birmingham Live reports.

The bank, which is in Birmingham's city centre, also racked up a huge £25,000 in costs to clean up and bring in security to prevent further attacks from Khoo.

As well as the vile acts of vandalism, the defendant also threatened to burn the bank branch down and then "screamed" at a manager down the phone warning he would 'slit everybody's throats' after being refused money.

He had attacked the building on four separate occasions while it was closed, pelting it with urine and faeces, causing it to remain shut due to the stench left inside and leaving staff fearful for their own safety.

At the sentencing hearing at Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Kristina Montgomery QC expressed concerns Khoo had not fully opened up to the probation service about his true state of mind at the time.

Khoo, from London but currently staying in temporary accommodation in Birmingham, attended the branch on August 26 to withdraw £500 but a staff member had to ask him a series of security questions, which he failed, due to an investigation into suspicious activity on the account.

"He became agitated and verbally aggressive demanding money," said prosecutor Nicholas Berry.

"He said he will burn the building to the ground, a manager told him to leave."

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On September 3 he called the bank to complain. Later in the day a manager rang him back to speak to him.

Around 6.40am September 7 Khoo was spotted on CCTV pouring urine from a bottle through the bank's letterbox. Then exactly a week later he returned holding a crisp packet, inside which were faeces that he smeared on the front door and window before taking a picture of his handiwork on his mobile phone. The bank was forced to close for the whole day.

Khoo carried out a similar attack on September 16 but was disturbed by a security guard. He then returned the following day, delaying the bank's opening was delayed by an hour that day.

Khoo admitted four counts of criminal damage, one of threatening to destroy property and one for threatening communication.

Olivia Beesley, defending, stated that work had dried up for self-employed Khoo during lockdown and he was struggling 'emotionally, financially and mentally'.

Khoo must carry out 30 days of rehabilitation activity, 150 hours of unpaid work, pay a victim surcharge and adhere to a two-month curfew.

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Husband ‘looked like Incredible Hulk’ as he battered wife and pensioner to death

A husband "looked like the Incredible Hulk as he bludgeoned a pensioner and his own wife to death with a walking stick," a court has heard.

Daniel Appleton, 37, is accused of murdering Sandy Seagrave, 76, with her own walking stick, and his teacher spouse Amy Appleton, 32, three days before Christmas last year.

The elderly woman had stepped in to stop him beating his wife on the driveway of their village home in Crawley Down, West Sussex.

After he had allegedly beaten the pensioner to death Appleton, wearing just his boxer shorts, continued attacking his wife.

Hove Crown Court heard Amy was beaten to death with the same walking stick.

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Neighbours who witnessed the alleged double murder said Appleton looked "huge, bold and puffed up," like the superhero the "Incredible Hulk," famous for his unnatural strength.

Sue Kipps, who lived opposite, said in a statement: "Even from a distance his eyes didn't look right. It was as though he had turned into the Incredible Hulk.

"He's a big guy anyway but he looked different, maybe a bit crazy. He seemed very big, puffed up – like he was in some sort of madness."

The court heard Appleton went back into his house before reappearing moments later completely naked.

He is charged with two counts of murder. He admitted killing the woman but denies murder, claiming it was the result of a psychotic episode.

Prosecutors claim Appleton had taken a synthetic form of LSD and was high when he launched the attacks.

The court heard he admitted killing his wife to a neighbour in the aftermath.

He told Gary Wigzell: "I know I murdered my wife. I know I'm going to prison."

Appleton then went into the house and tried to kill himself, stabbing himself at least five times in the chest with a large kitchen knife, cutting his neck and slashing his thighs.

Neighbour Janet Spragg said she witnessed the attack while on a morning run.

She said: "You could tell she was not happy and was telling him off and he was walking towards her. He was much bigger than Sandy.

"He was quite upright. He was quite determined and there was an altercation.

"She was going over to tell him off about something and his language was bluer and was more aggressive. There were expletives."

Breaking down in tears, Mrs Spragg said she watched as Appleton then suddenly hit the pensioner with the stick.

Sgt Christopher Brakell, who was first on the scene, said he was "shocked" by how normal the house looked.

He said: "This was just a quaint scene. There was a Christmas tree, presents under the tree, ready for Christmas.

"It shocked me to see such normality around such chaos."

The court heard that in an interview with a psychiatrist, Appleton admitted having taken magic mushrooms – a natural hallucinogen – years before.

But forensic searches of his mobile phone found that just 11 days before the killings he had searched for "worse mushrooms, worse mushrooms trip, bad mushrooms trip stories and strongest mushrooms".

Nick Corsellis QC, prosecuting, said hair samples and nail clippings subsequently taken from the defendant showed the presence of 25i-NBOMe – a highly potent synthetic version of LSD – and mephedrone.

Experts believe synthetic LSD and mephedrone drugs could have been responsible for his violent psychotic behaviour and may have been present at the time of the attacks.

The trial continues.

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Cruel thug banned from keeping pets after being recorded shouting at his dog

A man has been banned from keeping pets for five years after being caught shouting at his dog.

Joshua Ponsford pleaded guilty to one animal welfare offence after being prosecuted by the RSPCA.

The animal charity took Ponsford to court after hearing a recording of him verbally abusing his dog, a Rottweiler named Lulu.

Ponsford, 23, admitted his guilt at Bristol Magistrates Court on Wednesday, November 4, and was banned from keeping animals for five years.

In the recordings, the dog owner, from St George, Bristol, can be heard shouting and screaming at his pet pooch.

During one recording, which was 59 seconds long, Ponsford can be heard saying: "Go on your bed, get in your bed, get in your bed now, get in your f*****g bed now, go in your bed now, now, now you f*****g stay there. You dirty little mutt."

The recording also contains thuds and yelps before Ponsford can be heard yelling "now", "You and your f*****g ball dog. I've had enough of all your hiding toys, yeah, yeah", and "shut it".

A second recording, which is 57 seconds long, also included examples of Ponsford's treatment towards Lulu.

His voice can be heard saying: "Going to walk to the shop again and get myself some bits. Don't even think of robbing" before a dog is heard yelping, whimpering and barking.

He then yells "shut it" and "look at my flat bro, my flat is covered".

The third recording of 17 seconds contains the sound of Lulu screaming before Ponsford is heard saying "I'll f*****g ‘ave you" followed by the sound of Lulu whimpering.

As the recording continues, Ponsford shouts "move" before the sound of repeated thuds and Lulu yelping followed by Ponsford saying "go back into the room dog".

RSPCA inspector Miranda Albinson, said: "Throughout these recordings [Ponsford] is clearly angry and can be heard yelling at the dog."

Ponsford said he had not physically harmed his dog, but admitted his behaviour was inappropriate and that it caused Lulu distress over a period of time.

Vet David Martin said: "It is my expert opinion that undoubtedly Lulu suffered as a result of mental fear and terror as a result of the verbal abuse from Mr Ponsford as demonstrated on the audio recordings.

"It is well known and understood by the public that dogs respond to the tone and volume of the voice and that dogs are susceptible and will suffer from fear and distress if verbally abused particularly if this is recurrent or long lasting.

"Training and discipline of dogs is nowadays recognised as needing to be reward based so that positive achievements are rewarded and that negative behaviour is ignored and not reacted to.

"Physical and verbal abuse is no longer acceptable as part of dog training as it has been shown to be both ineffective and to cause the dog long term distress."

Alongside the five-year animal ownership disqualification, which cannot be appealed for three years, Ponsford was given a six-week curfew.

He must also complete 20 rehabilitation activity requirements days and was asked to pay £200 costs plus a £90 victim surcharge.

Lulu was signed over into the care of the RSPCA and is currently at Bristol Animal Rescue Centre where she is still undergoing rehabilitation.

Staff say she is a lovely dog who has bonded well with her carers but still needs time to adjust to new situations before being found a loving new home.

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Sick pervert stole neighbour’s farm dog then had sex with it in his caravan

A sicko has pleaded guilty to stealing his neighbour’s dog and taking it to his caravan to have sex with it.

Paul Walton, 53, admitted the hideous act in the County Court of Victoria in Australia on Monday.

When police stormed Walton's caravan in Ardmona, near Shepparton on April 7, he had pornography playing on a television.

His neighbour's 12-year-old kelpie cross named Gemma was also found inside the mobile home and was taken to a vet as officers recognised she was “visibly distressed”.

The dog's owner, a farmer, told the police he had an idea where missing Gemma could be, having spotted Walton's car on his property earlier that day on April 6.

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Walton pleaded guilty in court to theft of the dog, beastiality, and possessing a drug of dependence relating to cannabis which officers found in the caravan raid.

Prosecutor Stephen Devlin said Walton claimed he went to the farmer's land to go fishing.

Devlin said: “The dog is friendly and would go to any person, and the dog is familiar with the accused from his past visits.”

The court heard how Walton’s “clothes were covered in what appeared to be dog hair”, when police arrived.

  • Sicko carried out sex attacks on woman before threatening to ‘cook and bury her’

Judge Trevor Wraight said on Monday that Walton was only released from jail a few months before the attack.

His previous sentence was for similar beastiality offences involving dogs.

Defence lawyer Philip Skehan said his actions Walton was bashed, spat on and taunted as a “dog f*****” in prison.

“He’s vilified in his community in Shepparton and he’s vilified in jail,” he said.

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He asked Judge Wraight to consider a community corrections order with treatment instead of another jail sentence.

Skehan added:" “Unfortunately, for the community and for him, he was liberated without any support.

“Part of his reoffending was due to a lack of rehabilitation programs available to him.”

He said Walton had an “unremarkable” childhood but had been a “loner for the whole of his life”.

Judge Wraight said it was “very serious cruelty to an animal”.

Walton will be sentenced on Friday.

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Domestic violence victim jailed for trying to kill her 2-year old son

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A desperate mum who tried to kill her two-year-old son during lockdown has been jailed for four years.

Lincoln Crown Court heard how the mum tried to take her own life, as she was afraid the boy's father, with whom there was a history of domestic violence, would try to make contact once lockdown ended.

The mum, who can't be named for legal reasons, had devised a method to kill both herself and the toddler at their home in South Lincolnshire.

However, the court heard how when the boy started to cry, she suddenly changed her mind after half an hour and instead rang for help, Lincolnshire Live reports.

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She and her son were then driven to Peterborough City Hospital and on the journey, she dialled 999.

Sarah Knight, prosecuting, told the court: "At the hospital the defendant told the nurses what she had done.

"She said she had taken the boy with her because when she died there would be no-one to look after him. She said she wanted to kill herself as she was scared and worried about the boy’s dad.

"She said that when the boy started to cry she couldn’t go on with it.

  • PE teacher sexually assaulted boy, 14, and 'threatened to hurt him if he told anyone'

“She was calm and collected and showed little sign of emotion.”

Miss Knight said that the boy was treated at hospital but was found to have no ill-effects from what happened.

The mum admitted a charge of attempted murder as a result of the incident on May 7 this year.

Judge Simon Hirst, passing sentence, told the woman: "You reported the relationship with the boy’s father as being deeply unpleasant with him being very controlling.

John McNally, in mitigation, said the woman was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in 2019.

He told the court: "Her relationship with the father was an altogether unhappy relationship. There were threats of violence, harassment and sexual violence.

"At the end of the relationship you lived in a refuge for a time.

"This was against a background of domestic violence perpetrated by the boy’s father towards you."

"Before lockdown the father was spending supervised time with the boy.

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"That ended with lockdown. But in May 2020 she believed that as lockdown eased the time the father spent with the boy would resume."

He said the woman had taken responsibility for what she did and has since shown remorse.

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Woman pretended to help disabled man while secretly emptying his pockets

A woman who pretended to help a disabled man while secretly emptying his pockets has been jailed.

Tammy Wilmot targeted the elderly victim after he withdrew money from a cash machine at Yorkshire Bank in Hartlepool, County Durham.

Teesside Crown Court heard how the 31-year-old approached the man, who was using two walking sticks, and asked him if he needed any help.

She then put her hand in his pocket and stole some of his cash, Teesside Live reports.

Paul Newcombe, prosecuting, said: "The prosecution say this was a mean, targeted offence with a clearly vulnerable man as its aim."

He told the court how the victim had suffered a broken back from a work accident and had arthritis in his legs, spine and fingers.

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Mr Newcombe said that the man took £70 out of the cash machine and began to walk up the street prior to the incident on August 23 this year.

CCTV, which was played to the court, showed Wilmot standing with a group of men near the cash machine on York Road.

She is seen to run up behind the victim and approach him while he was walking with two sticks.

Mr Newcombe told the court how the man said she asked if he needed any help and if he could manage.

He said the victim then felt her go into his pocket and tried to stop her but was worried that he was going to lose his balance.

Mr Newcombe said: "He felt the defendant pushing and pulling at him."

The court in Middlesbrough heard how a Good Samaritan, who saw the incident, approached the defendant and the group and demanded that they returned the money.

Mr Newcombe said: "It was clear that the defendant was leading the group.

"The police got involved and the defendant was found to be in possession of £70 of the money."

After she was arrested, Wilmot denied the robbery and gave an explanation as to why she had £70. She refused to watch the CCTV footage or answer further questions.

In a victim impact statement, read to the court by Mr Newcombe, the man said: "I believe she seen me and picked on me as an easy target because anyone can see I can't chase anyone away.

"It's absolutely disgusting on a Sunday morning that I'm not safe taking money out in my hometown."

Wilmot, of York Road, Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to robbery.

The court heard how Wilmot, who appeared at her sentencing hearing via video link to Low Newton prison in County Durham, has over 100 offences, mostly for theft.

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Martin Scarborough, defending, said: "She was with other males, there was clearly some brief discussion between them. Whether she would have committed this offence if she had been on her own – I know she would say she wouldn't have done.

"Some of the money was recovered from her, some recovered from others who, it's not right to say put her up to it, but encouraged it. Hopefully [the victim] will not be out of pocket as a result of this offence."

Mr Scarborough said that Wilmot had a difficult upbringing and developed a drug addiction.

Judge Deborah Sherwin told Wilmot that she has a "very, very long list" of previous convictions which are mostly for shoplifting.

She said: "For many years you have struggled with an addiction to heroin which you haven't been able to rid yourself for any substantial period of time."

The judge told Wilmot that it was clear that the victim was vulnerable.

She said: "I'm quite satisfied your motivation wasn't to offer him help but to gain his trust in some way.

"There was some pushing and pulling between the two of you before you escaped with the money."

Judge Sherwin sentenced Wilmot to 15 months behind bars.

After receiving her sentence, Wilmot said: "I just want to say sorry to the victim."

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Gardener drowned in millionaire pal’s pool after he ‘caught wife flirting’

A gardener was found drowned in a millionaire's swimming pool after his wife accidentally "pocket-dialled" his mobile phone and he heard her chatting and flirting with another man, an inquest has heard.

Gareth Rees, 49, had been house-sitting for a wealthy friend when he overheard the devastating four-minute call and was found by wife Claire after she realised her blunder and dashed to the luxury house in Surrey.

The wife told the coroner that what Gareth heard "would not have been nice" as she flirted with new boyfriend Glen Ryan saying sexually-suggestive things during a lunch-date.

The coroner recorded an open verdict on the drowning after saying she could not be sure the gardener had intended to drown himself in the outdoor pool although she acknowledged he could not swim and had a life-long phobia of water.

The inquest was told that Claire Rees rushed to the £1.3 million home in upmarket Churt, Surrey, where her estranged husband Gareth was house-sitting for friends who were on holiday in France, after discovering he had overheard a four minute "sexually suggestive" conversation with her new flame, Glen.

She said: "It would not have been nice to hear. I declared that he hit me on more than one occasion, that I work a 70-hour week and was exhausted while Gareth was finishing work at 2.30pm – and I was flirting.

"Glen had been in a tempestuous relationship with his ex-partner and we were agreeing that you cannot help someone who does not want to be helped.

"I am not a technology person but I think instead of pressing the send button while texting Gareth I accidentally pressed the dial button, I do not know exactly what he was able to hear," blonde-haired Claire told the inquest in Surrey.

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After realising the blunder, panicked Claire left her Wetherspoons lunch-date and raced to the £1.3m home where she made the grim discovery outside in the swimming pool.

"I feel really bad about it now but my friends and I had joked earlier because Gareth had texted me to say he was going for a dip in the pool. He cannot swim, he hated water, he had a phobia – we thought he was joking.

"If the pocket dial had anything to do with his death, that is something I have to live with. I have had to make my peace with it," Claire added.

After 11 years of turbulent marriage, the wife ended the relationship with gardener Gareth and he confided to family that it was as if "a weight had been lifted off his shoulders."

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But, just a few weeks after the separation, Gareth suspected his wife was romantically involved with somebody else which left him "angry and upset."

In the early hours of the morning of his death, he had Googled the name "Glen Ryan" searching for the new lover on Facebook, Detective Inspector Jo Smith confirmed to the assistant Surrey coroner.

The inquest heard how Gareth Rees had been staying in his marital home in Alma Lane, Farnham, Surrey, the week before his death but was house-sitting a luxurious home for friends in Churt on August 3, while the owners holidayed in France when he received the pocket call.

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Pathologist Dr Robert Chapman confirmed that Gareth had died from drowning and had drunk over the drink drive limit of alcohol at the time of his death.

Assistant coroner Dr Karen Henderson said: "It was clear Gareth was upset that she was moving on, he had overheard remarks about him that were not complimentary and had the realisation that his marriage was not going to be recoverable.

"However, I have no evidence that there was an intention to end his life, he had no known history of mental health problems and no note was left."

The assistant coroner ended the inquest with an open conclusion noting the "exact circumstances of his death remain unknown and are speculative."

Paying tribute, Mrs Rees told the hearing, in Woking, Surrey: "Gareth was a lovely person, he was the best step-father to my son.

"We had both drifted and it was my son that said he could not cope with the arguing. That was the nail in the coffin."

Brother Tom Rees added: "The best way to describe Gareth was when I asked him if he wanted to buy a lottery ticket for the £55 million rollover, he said he did not need it, he had his gardening and his dogs, he was very happy."

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Mum ‘drowns toddler and baby because their organs are worth a lot of money’

A mother drowned her toddler and baby and then said the girls' organs were 'worth a lot of money', claims police.

Amanda Jefferson, 26, is accused of making the disturbing remark after allegedly killing her two daughters.

Rose Singleton, one, and her sister, Lily, two months old, died at their home in Las Vegas on Friday.

The youngsters' bodies were discovered stacked on top of another on a baby swing by their father, Jaykwon Singleton who called the cops.

A police report said the 911 dispatcher could hear Singleton asking Jefferson "What did you do?" then relaying her answer – "she drowned them".

The mum allegedly 'shushed' Singleton after he came home and found his daughters dead.

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She then reportedly made the remark that their organs are valuable.

The grieving dad, who began a relationship with Jefferson back in 2018, said she had begun acting erratically around a fortnight before the alleged incident.

She allegedly began talking about the 'altar spirit world' and accused him of cheating on her with his alter spirit wife, KLAS reports.

However, Singleton said she appeared to be back to her old self the night before his little girls died.

During a police interview, the alleged killer mum denied having children or knowing her boyfriend.

She claimed someone must have 'snuck into her apartment and staged everything'.

Singleton also denied using drugs or alcohol.

Jefferson faces murder charges and is due in court on Tuesday morning.

Police have yet to share a possible motive for the killings, or confirm that the girls died as a result of drowning.

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A look at Oscar Pistorius and Reeve Steenkamp’s three month relationship

The murder of 29-year-old model Reeve Steenkamp by Paralympian Oscar Pistorius shocked the world for months.

The athlete was jailed for gunning down his girlfriend at their home, claiming he thought she was an intruder.

He is now behind bars with the story about to be revisited in a new BBC documentary into the heinous crime.

Reeve was shot dead by her world-famous boyfriend on February 14, 2013.

They had been spending Valentines Day inside their flat in South Africa when she was gunned down four times through a closed door.

Pistorius made a frantic call to emergency services, and later claimed he thought she was a burglar so open fired.

Pistorius is serving his sentence for the killing of Reeva at Atteridgeville Correctional Facility, which is better adapted to deal with disabled inmates.

  • Oscar Pistorius documentary trailer axed by BBC after ignoring victim Reeva Steenkamp

The Paralympic gold medallist, 33, known as Blade Runner, is serving 13 years for the murder.

The pair had only been dating for three months by the time Reeve was shot.

Reeva moved to Johannesburg in 2007 to launch her modelling career. Stints as the face of Avon and contracts with Toyota, Clover, Zui and FHM saw her become something of a national celebrity.

Reeva later applied to the bar in late 2011 and hoped to become a legal advocate before turning 30.

The well-known model was a regular on the A-list circuit in South Africa by the time she was introduced to Pistorius.

Riding high after a summer of Olympic and Paralympic performances in 2012, Pistorius was soon smitten with the 29-year-old.

  • Oscar Pistorius pleads for forgiveness from Reeva Steenkamp's family – and fears being set free

At his trial he described how they had met over lunch at a race track in November 2012.

He said: "I was very keen on Reeva.

"I think, if anything, I was maybe more into her than she was at times to me.

"I let her just take her space but it wasn't always easy. I was besotted."

She accompanied him to a sports awards night that same evening and the couple spent much of the next week together.

But, according to her mum, the relationship was fizzling out by the time she was killed.

  • Oscar Pistorius unrecognisable in prison as he grows bushy beard, smokes and doesn't exercise

Despite the whirlwind romance after his successful summer at the Olympic, it is reported that Pistorius and Steenkamp never had sex.

June Steenkamp, her mum, claimed the pair never took their relationship to an intimate level has her daughter was "scared".

June, who never met her child's partner during their three-month relationship, says the couple spent two nights together, but never had sexual relations.

“She wouldn’t want to sleep with Oscar if she wasn’t sure,” she told the Sunday Times.

“I believe their relationship was coming to an end. In her heart of hearts, she didn’t think it was making either of them happy.”

Reeva was born in Cape Town and raised in Port Elizabeth as one of three siblings.

Her brother said in a eulogy at her funeral: “There’s a space missing inside all of the people that she knew that can’t be filled again.

“We’re going to keep all the positive things that we remember and know about my sister and we will try and continue with the things that she tried to make better. We’ll miss her.”

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