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Violent gang leader who hacked teen girls to death with machete faces execution

A gang leader who hacked two teenage girls to death with a machete could face execution.

Jairo Saenz, of the notorious American criminal gang MS-13, has been charged in connection to seven brutal murders.

The 24-year-old, whose nickname is "Funny", was second in command of the New York crew, known as the Brentwood Sailors.

Donald Trump's Justice Department has now authorised federal prosecutors to seek the death penalty if he is convicted of any of the killings.

Michael Johnson, Oscar Acosta, Kayla Cuevas, Nisa Mickens, Javier Castillo, Dewann Stacks and Esteban Alvarado-Bonilla are all believed to have died at the hands of MS-13.

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Nisa, 15, and Kayla, 16, were best friends who were beaten with baseball bats before being hacked to death with machetes in a particularly sadistic slaying on September 13, 2016.

Saenz was arrested and charged with the girls' murder in March 2017.

The following year he was charged with additional crimes, including his involvement in the death of Oscar Acosta, who was tied up and beaten with tree branches before being slashed to death with a machete.

His mutilated body was discovered in a wooded area four months later.

Saenz was also allegedly involved in the murders of Javier Castillo and Dewann Stacks, who were both killed with machetes in October 2016.

While in jail he has allegedly attacked other inmates and corrections officers as well as attempted to identify cooperating witnesses, court papers have revealed.

Prosecutors have also announced they intend to seek the death penalty for Saenz' brother Alexi, a fellow member of MS-13 whom President Donald Trump has called a "bloodthirsty leader".

The Mara Salvatrucha gang was founded in Los Angeles in the 1970s as a means of protecting immigrants from El Salvador.

It has become known for its brutality and high body count, with the mutilated corpses of victims often buried in shallow graves.

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Murder suspect who ‘tortured and choked’ girlfriend, 16, dies after prison brawl

A man jailed on suspicion of torturing and murdering a 16-year-old girl before hiding her body in a barrel has been killed in a savage prison brawl.

Zlatko Sikorsky, 37, was awaiting trial for the brutal murder of his 16-year girlfriend Larissa Beilby, in Brisbane, Australia.

Her body was found crammed into a barrel on the back of a pickup truck, in such a state of decomposition that it was impossible to determine the exact cause of death.

Injuries to her mouth suggest that she may have choked on a gag but her body also showed signs of a sustained beating.

  • Teen 'murdered' then stuffed in a barrel was given crystal meth before she was killed

Giving evidence in Beenleigh Magistrates Court, pathologist Dianne Little said: “I have done over 7,000 autopsies and I have never seen anything like this.

“With her, it's the whole head, neck and upper part of the trunk, it's all one huge bruise.

“It was just one sheet of haemorrhage.”

A witness claimed she had been offered A $2,000 (about £1,100) by Sikorsky to conceal a stolen pickup with a barrel strapped to its flatbed.

She said she refused after she saw a “dead arm” flop out of the barrel.

Sikorsky, who was said to be an “intimidating” character who always carried a gun and a regular meth user who smoked the drug “24-7” was arrested by heavily-armed police in Alexandra Headland on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Sikorsky was being held on remand in Queensland’s high-security Wolston Correctional Centre when, on Tuesday November 10, he was fatally injured in a fight with one of the other inmates.

He spent a number of days on life support in Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital before he was pronounced dead on Thursday morning.

The Queensland Police Service's Correctional Services Investigation Unit is investigating the incident and a spokesperson said: "Our condolences go out to the man's family and friends."

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Husband ‘looked like Incredible Hulk’ as he battered wife and pensioner to death

A husband "looked like the Incredible Hulk as he bludgeoned a pensioner and his own wife to death with a walking stick," a court has heard.

Daniel Appleton, 37, is accused of murdering Sandy Seagrave, 76, with her own walking stick, and his teacher spouse Amy Appleton, 32, three days before Christmas last year.

The elderly woman had stepped in to stop him beating his wife on the driveway of their village home in Crawley Down, West Sussex.

After he had allegedly beaten the pensioner to death Appleton, wearing just his boxer shorts, continued attacking his wife.

Hove Crown Court heard Amy was beaten to death with the same walking stick.

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Neighbours who witnessed the alleged double murder said Appleton looked "huge, bold and puffed up," like the superhero the "Incredible Hulk," famous for his unnatural strength.

Sue Kipps, who lived opposite, said in a statement: "Even from a distance his eyes didn't look right. It was as though he had turned into the Incredible Hulk.

"He's a big guy anyway but he looked different, maybe a bit crazy. He seemed very big, puffed up – like he was in some sort of madness."

The court heard Appleton went back into his house before reappearing moments later completely naked.

He is charged with two counts of murder. He admitted killing the woman but denies murder, claiming it was the result of a psychotic episode.

Prosecutors claim Appleton had taken a synthetic form of LSD and was high when he launched the attacks.

The court heard he admitted killing his wife to a neighbour in the aftermath.

He told Gary Wigzell: "I know I murdered my wife. I know I'm going to prison."

Appleton then went into the house and tried to kill himself, stabbing himself at least five times in the chest with a large kitchen knife, cutting his neck and slashing his thighs.

Neighbour Janet Spragg said she witnessed the attack while on a morning run.

She said: "You could tell she was not happy and was telling him off and he was walking towards her. He was much bigger than Sandy.

"He was quite upright. He was quite determined and there was an altercation.

"She was going over to tell him off about something and his language was bluer and was more aggressive. There were expletives."

Breaking down in tears, Mrs Spragg said she watched as Appleton then suddenly hit the pensioner with the stick.

Sgt Christopher Brakell, who was first on the scene, said he was "shocked" by how normal the house looked.

He said: "This was just a quaint scene. There was a Christmas tree, presents under the tree, ready for Christmas.

"It shocked me to see such normality around such chaos."

The court heard that in an interview with a psychiatrist, Appleton admitted having taken magic mushrooms – a natural hallucinogen – years before.

But forensic searches of his mobile phone found that just 11 days before the killings he had searched for "worse mushrooms, worse mushrooms trip, bad mushrooms trip stories and strongest mushrooms".

Nick Corsellis QC, prosecuting, said hair samples and nail clippings subsequently taken from the defendant showed the presence of 25i-NBOMe – a highly potent synthetic version of LSD – and mephedrone.

Experts believe synthetic LSD and mephedrone drugs could have been responsible for his violent psychotic behaviour and may have been present at the time of the attacks.

The trial continues.

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Woman tried to hack ex’s testicles off after luring him in with promise of sex

A woman lured her ex-boyfriend to waste ground by promising to have sex with him and then tried to hack his testicles off.

The 52-year-old Colombian was arrested last month on suspicion of using a knife to attack him in the genitals as she performed a sex act on him – but has been spared jail despite admitting the attack.

Her Moroccan victim managed to fight her off and disarm her despite being stabbed twice more in the cheek and face before staggering to a nearby bar to raise the alarm.

The 39-year-old was left needing several stitches and was subsequently taken to hospital for treatment.

Local reports at the time said he had agreed to sex with his former girlfriend after a few drinks in a bar in the Majorcan town of Alcudia.

She was given a suspended two-year prison sentence yesterday/on Tuesday at a trial in Palma after pleading guilty to a charge of wounding with a dangerous weapon.

Respected island newspaper Diario de Mallorca said she had also been handed a restraining order preventing her from approaching or contacting her victim for the next two years.

Her ex has waived his right to compensation.

The attack that led to Tuesday’s court hearing occurred around 1.30am on October 18 on waste ground near to a car park by Alcudia’s medieval town wall which is a popular tourist attraction.

The victim disarmed his aggressor after feeling a sharp pain in his testicles and realising he had been stabbed.

Local reports at the time said he had told police he believed his ex had acted out of jealousy and had been lured into a trap.

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Jail for man who used ATM card he found to withdraw cash after correctly guessing PIN

SINGAPORE – A storeman who found another man’s bank card used it to withdraw $4,000 from an automated teller machine (ATM) after correctly guessing the personal identification number (PIN) on his third attempt.

Yap Yi San, 39, was sentenced on Wednesday (Nov 18) to nine weeks’ jail after pleading guilty to two counts of theft.

The Singaporean also admitted to one count of dishonestly misappropriating the card.

District Judge Marvin Bay said that the PIN was “a series of six eights and thus easily cracked”.

He added: “Given the universal use of (ATMs), it is important that the sentence serve as a sufficient deterrent to dissuade others who may be tempted to try their luck when they come across another person’s ATM card.”

The 46-year-old victim had made a bank transfer at an ATM in Lorong 8 Toa Payoh at around 8pm on April 2 and forgot to retrieve his card after the transaction.

Yap later spotted the card sticking out of the machine and took it.

He went to another ATM in Lorong 6 Toa Payoh and tried to guess the PIN.

He managed to key in the correct numbers on his third attempt and withdrew $2,000.

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Yap went to a third ATM in the vicinity soon after and used the card to withdraw another $2,000.

The victim checked his banking transactions at around 12.10am on April 3 and alerted the police when he spotted the unauthorised withdrawals.

The court heard on Wednesday that Yap has since made full restitution.

For each count of theft, an offender can be jailed for up to three years and fined.

And for misappropriating another person’s ATM card, an offender can be jailed for up to two years and fined.

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Pleas for the Army to step in to clampdown on lawless estate dubbed ‘The Zoo’

Locals have asked for the Army to be drafted in to sort out a notorious UK estate nicknamed "The Zoo" where a police van was torched last year.

More commonly known as Halton Moor, the residential streets in Leeds are where hundreds of families live and have become the epicentre of violent clashes with police in the past 18 months.

The estate is scattered with derelict houses, boarded up and covered in graffiti, as well as the remains of fires and urban decay.

Last week police officers were attacked with bricks and fireworks, cars were set ablaze and fireworks aimed through the letterbox of one house on the estate.

Violence and crime have seemingly become part of the day-to-day life on the estate, which is what encouraged one young mother to move away.

And now, following a fresh spree of ugly scenes around Bonfire Night, locals have begged for the Army to come in and sort the estate out, LeedsLive reports.

"It was horrendous, every time I left the house I'd come back and my windows would be smashed in", said Nikki Maycock, 39, who moved away from the area several years ago.

It is so bad on the estate, she said, that even taxis will not drive there.

  • Sadistic pensioner, 81, inserted toilet plunger up 'willing' sex slave's bum

Nikki said: "Taxis refused to go up there because they'd have bricks thrown at them. Takeaway drivers wouldn't come up there."

Halton Moor's troubles are well known in Leeds and many people have said that they believe more needs to be done.

Samantha said: "The law needs to change to give the police more power. These scumbags who are terrorising estates everywhere should be severely punished.

"We wouldnt av dreamt of doing owt like this when we were younger, only cos punishment was tougher & the law was stricter bk then [sic]."

  • Sick pervert stole neighbour's farm dog then had sex with it in his caravan

And Stephen said: "Too many snowflakes thats why nothing will be done you cant touch the evil disrespectful little tw*ts it needs a possie of men to go round and teach them a lesson but that won't happen either they need a good hiding simple as [sic]"

Another said that police need to "bring in the rubber bullets and water cannons" and Richard agreed, he said: "Water cannons rubber bullets, then jail!"

But some people believe that it is so bad that The Army need to be brought in to straighten the estate out.

Norma said: "Let the army deal with the trouble makers", while Adam said that "national service is the answer."

Ian said: "Police no control due to lack of funding but the Army however…let them take on these big boys."

But some people have said that the estate has not really changed in recent years, as it was "always a sh*thole" said Rick.

"Nothing new here", said Robert and Caroline agreed, she said: "Halton Moor has been called the Zoo for over 40 years! Unfortunately, as there are a lot of good people living there too."

Andy echoed this, he said: "I remember it been called the zoo back in 80s and it was bad then."

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Sick pervert stole neighbour’s farm dog then had sex with it in his caravan

A sicko has pleaded guilty to stealing his neighbour’s dog and taking it to his caravan to have sex with it.

Paul Walton, 53, admitted the hideous act in the County Court of Victoria in Australia on Monday.

When police stormed Walton's caravan in Ardmona, near Shepparton on April 7, he had pornography playing on a television.

His neighbour's 12-year-old kelpie cross named Gemma was also found inside the mobile home and was taken to a vet as officers recognised she was “visibly distressed”.

The dog's owner, a farmer, told the police he had an idea where missing Gemma could be, having spotted Walton's car on his property earlier that day on April 6.

  • 'Tragic incident' as police and fire crews discover elderly couple dead inside home

Walton pleaded guilty in court to theft of the dog, beastiality, and possessing a drug of dependence relating to cannabis which officers found in the caravan raid.

Prosecutor Stephen Devlin said Walton claimed he went to the farmer's land to go fishing.

Devlin said: “The dog is friendly and would go to any person, and the dog is familiar with the accused from his past visits.”

The court heard how Walton’s “clothes were covered in what appeared to be dog hair”, when police arrived.

  • Sicko carried out sex attacks on woman before threatening to ‘cook and bury her’

Judge Trevor Wraight said on Monday that Walton was only released from jail a few months before the attack.

His previous sentence was for similar beastiality offences involving dogs.

Defence lawyer Philip Skehan said his actions Walton was bashed, spat on and taunted as a “dog f*****” in prison.

“He’s vilified in his community in Shepparton and he’s vilified in jail,” he said.

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He asked Judge Wraight to consider a community corrections order with treatment instead of another jail sentence.

Skehan added:" “Unfortunately, for the community and for him, he was liberated without any support.

“Part of his reoffending was due to a lack of rehabilitation programs available to him.”

He said Walton had an “unremarkable” childhood but had been a “loner for the whole of his life”.

Judge Wraight said it was “very serious cruelty to an animal”.

Walton will be sentenced on Friday.

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Ambulance stolen as paramedics treat patient in act that ‘puts lives in danger’

Despicable thieves stole an ambulance while paramedics were treating a patient at their North Wales home.

The emergency vehicle was taken from the Deeside area of Flintshire last night (Saturday) forcing another to be dispatched.

The stolen ambulance was later found abandoned having been damaged.

North Wales Police are now investigating and said the incident "put people's lives in danger."

The force's intercept team said: "Absolutely shocked to be writing a post of this nature.

"Last night a Welsh Ambulance Service vehicle was stolen whilst the crew were delivering care to a patient in a nearby property.

"The Interceptors responded and located the vehicle damaged on Dee View, Shotton.

"I’m sure many will agree this is appalling behaviour putting the lives of many at risk."

The Welsh Ambulance Service said that the act "could have led to very serious harm" if crews had needed to take the patient to hospital urgently.

A spokeswoman said: "The theft of an emergency ambulance is an extremely irresponsible act placing patients and the public at risk.

  • NHS nurse furious after being slapped with parking ticket while visiting sick patient

"Had the crew needed to access additional emergency equipment from the vehicle, or to urgently convey the patient to hospital, this act could have led to very serious harm.

"North Wales Police are now leading enquiries to identify the offenders and we would encourage members of the public to come forward with any information regarding the theft.

"North Wales Police have dispatched their crime scene examiners who will forensically examine the vehicle."

They explained that their services have been "extremely busy" during winter months and the coronavirus pandemic and that the incident is being treated "incredibly seriously," Wales Online reports.

The spokeswoman added: "Our services have been extremely busy dealing with winter pressures, alongside the challenges of the pandemic.

"We will be supporting our North Wales Police colleagues to find the person responsible, and bring them to justice.

"This is a very rare occurrence but is being treated incredibly seriously."

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Crime gang that made up to 1,000 migrant crossing attempts taken down by police

A crime gang which made millions smuggling migrants into Britain has been taken down after a year-long investigation, French police say.

The group, known as the Pierrefitte connection, made between €1.5m (£1.3m) and €3m (£2.7m) by smuggling people into trucks bound for the UK.

French police spent a year monitoring the gang closely and had bugged a bar in the Paris suburbs where the criminals allegedly met to discuss their plans.

Seven people were arrested in a series of raids earlier this month, ending the criminal gang’s operations.

Supt Jean Arvieu, of the French Border Police, said the group operated at night and would often target migrants living in squats in Paris and the surrounding area.

Many of them were men aged between 20 and 34, he said.

“During one year of investigation we could count about 500 to 1,000 passages or attempts to cross the Channel,” Mr Arvieu added.

“One night we could see a kid loaded in a truck and sometimes we have families. This is problematic.

“It shows that migrant smuggling by trucks to Great Britain is still a reality.”

The group would load the migrants into trucks in the southeast of Paris, as smugglers have begun starting journeys further from the border where they are less likely to be searched.

The migrants had to pay 3,000 for the journey, helping the gang to rake in up to €3m (£2.7m).

Three people have been remanded in custody as the investigation continues.

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Teacher dodges jail for having sex with pupil after blaming ‘personal trauma’

A teacher who had sex with a 16-year-old student has dodged jail after she blamed "personal trauma" for "clouding her judgement" in the assault.

Madeleine Ruth Schmaltz, 30, a former science teacher at Hermantown Middle School in Minnesota, was found to have had sex with a student after a concerned mum became aware of the relationship.

She overheard her son, who said he was having a conversation that sounded "sexual in nature," and then checked through his phone records.

The mum discovered the number to be linked with Schmaltz and reported the relationship to police, who found Schmaltz had also given the teen gifts.

In the complaint, the teacher "admitted to sexual touching of the victim on the victim's intimate parts and to having the victim touch her on her intimate parts," the Duluth News Tribune reported.

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Schmaltz apologised for the incidents, and during a virtual hearing blamed her actions on "personal traumatic experiences".

She said: "During the spring of 2019, I was going through personal traumatic experiences that did cloud my judgment.

"Since then, I've been working through those experiences, along with just trying to better myself, and I will continue to do so.

"I know that my clouded judgment has harmed the victim and the victim's family, and for that, I am truly sorry."

The former teacher managed to avoid a jail sentence for her crimes and instead faces three years of supervised probation.

According to The Duluth News, Schmaltz must also register as a predatory offender.

She is also not allowed to have unapproved contact with anyone younger than 18 in addition to other conditions.

If Schmaltz completes her probation, she will be granted a stay of imposition, and her felony charged will be deemed a misdemeanour.

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